Understanding forms and translating those to 3d shapes with optimal topology is one of the focus points in my workflow from the very start of a project right until the end.


How light works and reacts in a specific scene is key to making a visually striking image and using different setups and striving for photorealism is what keeps it interesting.


Creating materials which look and feel lifelike is another focus area which builds upon the lighting. Having detailed textures combined with the right shader settings goes a long way


Finalizing a render also means doing some final touches in post-processing software, like stretching the contrast a bit or adding depth of field.

CAD conversion

After working with different CAD & engineering file types I have developed a strong workflow to convert these into usable models for visualisation.


Having used multiple modelling programs and renderers on both Windows and Mac gives me the freedom to work with whatever software and operating system I need for a specific task.