After being interested in traditional arts like drawing and airbrushing from a young age I became familiar with graphic design software in high school. After experiencing what I could do with these packages I thought it was a good idea to pursue this interest and continued studying 3D design software. Now, almost ten years later I still love creating artwork using 3D packages and probably even more than when I started out.

My package of choice for 3D modelling is 3D Studio Max, with V-Ray as my favourite renderer. For creating textures I use Photoshop and occasionaly Illustrator or Xara Xtreme. After rendering I bring everything into After Effects for the final composition and do the color correcting and color grading to finalize the work. Currently I'm working in Cinema 4D combined with Octane renderer, a GPU renderer and getting back to Unreal for realtime purposes like VR.



2015 - Current

3D Artist + Post Production

I am working on visualizations for different markets which range from consumer products, to scientific research projects. I also started working with Cinema 4D , and in particular Octane renderer which utilizes the GPU instead of the CPU for rendering.


2012 - 2015

3D Artist + Post Production

During my time at The University of Technology Eindhoven I worked on animations and still images for scientists which are then used for publications and to supplement their presentations. Finished products include animations,illustrations, promo images and published covers for different international scientific journals.


De Eindhovense School

2007 - 2011

Game Design - Game Art

I studied Game Design where I specialised myself in 3D art and became familliar with 3D software and renderers. A few years, some pretty cool projects and internships later I graduatated with a Mark of Excellence.